Our Focus

What we are doing?

Awareness sessions

We conduct awareness sessions at public places and register people as emergency donors (Saviours) after which a confirmation email is sent to all.

Arranging donors is emergency

We receive request for donors through phone and message after which our request team looks up the database and finds the nearest donor to help in emergency.

Blood camps

We arrange blood camps at public places and even in various organisations.

Largest database of emergency donors in the world

We are on a mission to collect the Largest Database of Emergency Blood Donors in the country

Register as a Saviour


Vision:- Ensure that no body dies for the want of something that in abundant in everyone’s body….!

Mission- No request is refused at The Saviours

Philosophy followed at ‘The Saviours’ - never accept thanks from the requester, just ask him/her to get 3 people registered as emergency donors in any similar organization.

Our motto is ‘to make someone cry with a smile’ and we strive to ensure it anyway possible.

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The Real Saviours

Sharan TV

Senior HR Member
My internship at The Saviours was an amazing experience. It gave me a chance to serve the people with such a noble cause. Moreover this experience has added up a lot to my knowledge . Changed my vision towards the society . It gave me the exposure and the opportunity to hone my leadership skills by working as a HR Member

Anjana Saini

Database Head
My experience was really good. Nothing will make you feel better than helping someone in need without expecting anything in return. I have been a part of saviours from almost 9 months and i wants to be a with it for a longer period.

Sushmita Panda

Files Monitor
I joined The Saviours in may 2016. And as the months passed it became more of a family.In Saviours I got a chance to brush up my skills, manage events, etc.I got to learn so many things from Saviours.The Saviours is one of the best organization to give you exposure and experience.

Tuhina Roy

Request Team
Taking up the Internship with ‘The Saviours’ is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far. Not only did it satisfy my urge to work with an NGO, but it also gave me an incredible learning experience. I’ve learnt so much about leadership and management skills, of which I had no clue about before, and the satisfaction you get after contributing towards saving someone’s life is, amazing! Thank you Team Saviours, for allowing me to be a part of this noble cause.

Shivam Agarwal

Trainee Head
Internship at Saviours has been breath-taking for me. It completely changed my whole perspective of discharging my accountability towards society. It helped me in unearth my hidden talents and expand my proficiency which I think no B-School would let me hit on, especially my HR and communication skills. Overwhelmed with delight to serve this noble cause

Manisha Jain

Vice President, Operations
I joined Saviours at its initial stage in Delhi. Getting in touch with this NGO happened by coincidence, but it seems to be worthwhile now. On the journey of becoming a VP, I have learned everything from lower level management to higher level management to crisis management

Aastha Gupta

Certificate Dept. Head
Joining Saviours as an intern in the initial stage in Delhi happened by chance, but now it seems to be one of my best decisions. Saviours has shaped a shy person to a confident individual.Since the day, I had joined this NGO I got new wings to explore and learn ample of things.From working under a team as an intern to managing one and attaining this position, all of it has been a splendid journey which is beyond anything else.

Kunal Saraff

Kunal founded The Saviours in 2014 as a one man show with his only vision that no body should die for the want of something that is abundant in everyone’s body. He is also the author of How an iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaire.

If you wish to help us through donations, you can contribute through net banking
HDFC Bank A/c no.50200015036887
IFCS code: HDFC0000693
Branch: Kolkata Park Street

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