September 16, 2015

A Letter to the Hon’ble P.M

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A Letter to the Hon’ble P.M


The Prime Minister,


Sub: Eradicating Blood shortage through ‘Aadhar’ initiative.

Dear Sir,

              According to the estimated figures, India faces a shortage of 3 million blood units every year because of which either people are dying for the want of blood or are facing black marketing and hoarding of blood units.

Approximately, 2 million people are dying due to unavailability of blood in emergency(Source-

According to, approximately 60% of the Indian population is eligible to donate where only 1% does it. The only way to eradicate blood’s illegal trade and shortage is by having a full-prove database of the all Indian citizens. If citizens are appealed to update their ‘aadhar card’ online and insert their respective blood groups, the UIDAI would have the necessary database. Of course, everyone would not be willing to be an emergency donor, therefore while updating their Aadhar card, they would be given an option if they wish to sign up as emergency donors. Only the people who choose this, would be listed as emergency donors.

This database could be channelized by just using a person’s pin-code, phone, name and blood group in a separate website to find emergency donors.

There would be hurdles to implement this system, but even 0.3% of the total population does it, the blood shortage could be permanently eradicated.

I have been running a non-profit organization called ‘The Saviours’ in Kolkata which provides blood donors in emergency, and therefore am aware of few issues related to blood shortage. I sincerely hope this initiative would prove fruitful and probably one of the 1st countries to have eradicated shortage permanently in this way.

P.S:- Happy New Year to the entire team of P.M.O. May God bless with success and prosperity!

Thanking You.

The Saviours.