Bhamini Gulati- Internship Experience

Interning at The Saviours, is a roller- coaster ride. From being an active member in 2 teams, I have learned a lot.  I started at the lowest level 6 months back, and today, with consistent hard-work, I have been promoted to the executive HR post. Handled over 25-30 people, I have learned the art of getting things done. What the management colleges don’t teach, The Saviours does!

Management, Leadership, Patience, Self Confidence, Belief in me, etc are some of the skills gifted to me here through the work I’ve been doing.
Not just the skills, but the psychological satisfaction has been one of the key factors that made me continue working here from the first level as an intern to the current one as the Executive HR. It’s my pride to be The Saviours, working with great humans having humanity and hardwork in their bloods.

– Bhamini Gulati (Student of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies)

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