“The Saviours” is something that I feel proud to be a part of. I remember the 4th day of January this year when I was scrolling down the pages of an internship portal to find out an internship for me. And then I found this one which changed the person in me . Now I have been working with THE SAVIOURS since more than a month and I have learnt so much from it and hope I still keep doing that. I have been always taught by my parents that ‘Seva’ ( serving the society) should be an important part of one’s life and The Saviours is a platform which allows us to do the same and in addition with gaining so much of experience , on how to manage things well, ability to communicate well, and last but not the least you gain GOOD DEEDS at the end of the day. I had joined this Organisaton for the sake of a certificate(Honestly :P) but then I started realising that these guys are really doing a Good job to serve the mankind.
After all someone or the other is getting Helped! This is very important!
I would also suggest and request the person who reads this to join the organisation if his/her schedule allows.
Thank you Saviours.:)

Sahil Mehta is a student of Shivaji College, DU.

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