Shruti Dutt -Internship Experience

I am Shruti Dutt, a student at Campus Law Center, Delhi University. I have been working with Saviours for about a month as an intern and have gained an experience and insight into various levels of the organisation. It is a well structured program and caters for the development of managerial skills of an individual through the experience of working and interacting with a team and also quenches the thirst of good being done for the society. The internship has been divided into levels corresponding to the activity one successfully completes and can then proceed to a higher level. During my role as a team leader I learnt how to be able to balance out between understanding the difficulties my teammates felt at different points of time, be it technically or just procedural and also be able to get the job done within specified time frames. I even learnt the art of convincing people to sign up as a “Saviour” by firstly equipping them with all the information about the organisation and the work they do and then making them realise how they will be contributing towards a noble cause. As a member of the Core Team of Saviours, working in the HR department I understood that the manner of interaction with the people one is working with goes a long way in determining the outcome and gaining the respect and trust of peers and the teams assigned to you. It has been a fruitful learning experience and I wish Kunal Saraff all the very best.They are already headed in the right direction and I’m sure his efforts will make this organisation reach great heights!

Shruti Dutt

Student at Campus Law Center, Delhi University

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